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:x: gLoRiA's JoUrNaL :x: [entries|friends|calendar]

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[05 Feb 2004|03:22pm]
well this is my last entry... i now have a new journal... its friends only...most of you are already added...but if you arent...leave some comments..ill add you!!

al0n3_with_m3 <<< yeh its not much different, i just want a friends only!

please just dont play with me

[02 Feb 2004|01:47pm]

hey, im in powerpoint class right now. yeh. it sucks! i tried to get on so i could type something really fast, and i accedently clicked journal, and not update, and by then she walked over, so i had to x out.

yeh so i gtg the bell is gonna be ringing...time for FC science..whoop dee do!

I LOVE PeTe!!!!!

1 paper heart please just dont play with me

[02 Feb 2004|12:17pm]
[ mood | blah ]

hey im in language arts right now. its quite boring!! were supposed to be doing some stupid work shop, that i dont feel like doing. im sitting next kate, diane, and danielle, and there talking about the half time show for the superbowl. yeh hopefully she doenst notice that im not doing my work! my birthday is in 8 days! i want people to decorate my locker... no one did last year or the year before : (
but birthdays are fun!!! kates birthday is in 22 days! i was listening to my new less than jake cd last night! ((borders and boundries)) its freaking amazing!! theres two songs i like a whollllllle lot! its like Magnetic North, and Is this thing on. there really good cds. kates on the sugarcult biography cause shes joining our project for LA. she was just looking a picture of . . . damn it. . . it was the guitarist..i forget his damn name... well yeh. when me Katie, Amanda, and Ej went to the concert he sprayed beer out of his mouth, and it got all over my shirt, and katie got a pick! im quite bored right now. its the beginning of the new marking period. i have new cycle classes. FC science, which will we okay cause i have some good people in my class. but im not in petes class : ( so that sucks. he has it next period. after FC science then i have Power point. which i dont want to go to cause everyone said it sucks. hopefully ill have some good people in my class! kristen went home sick. shes my partner for LA, were goin to read books and then switch!! yAy!. i cant wait to buy those cds that were in my last entry. so far i have hello rockview <3 ((the most amazing cd ever created.)) losing streak ((dont listen to it much, but im gonna start to.)) anthem (( not there best, but still a good cd)) and borders and boundries (( which i bought saturday, and its pretty kick ass)) wow this is quite a large entry. EMILYS A BITCH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yeh, she told be to write something about her so i wrote that! lol. wow this is so fun! this is like a nothingness class...we have like 30 min left. and im sitting here updating this. KRISTEN FEEL BETTER!! hehehe our teacher actually thinks were doing work, and were not even gettin yelled at, but really were just updating. i have animal pajama pants on..from muppets. heres a pretty picture of him...with drum sticks!!!!

Everyone here hates everyone here. . . for doing the same thing that they do

I LoVe YoU .:gLoRiA:.
3 paper hearts please just dont play with me

[01 Feb 2004|06:34pm]
Please rate my quiz for me thanks

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he he he im a volcano!!!!!
1 paper heart please just dont play with me

[01 Feb 2004|03:03pm]
[ mood | tired ]

yesterday i went to the mall, which was pretty fun. first we went to springfield mall, but it was quite shitty so we decided to go to granite run. katie bought an aar shirt! amanda also bought a shirt! i bought a cd! ((less than jake..borders and boundries)) its quite good. pete ej and doug were also there, and ej and doug bought cds. we were at the mall for a pretty long time. then pete ej and doug were gettin picked up. so then it was just us three. so we walked around, went to the dollar city world << which is a stupid name cause it should be either dollar city. or dollar world. then to some oriental store. then we sat in the hallway. then we went outside, and some kids asked to borrow katies cellphone. they were doing one of those things that was on viva la bam.

today i had to do nursery at church, it wasnt too bad, there was only one kid there and he was so cute! and you know who wasnt there ((hehehe kate!!)). then i came home. and ate some food. then i went on the computer. which was boring. so i watched my brother south park DVDs.

i think i might be doing something with kate today, depending on when she gets back from shopping with her sister.



3 paper hearts please just dont play with me

[31 Jan 2004|10:40pm]
[ mood | ecstatic ]

martyrMe 32: first measuring penis's and now animals genitals


3 paper hearts please just dont play with me

[31 Jan 2004|12:26pm]
im kate! and look where ive been to!!!!!!!!!


create your own visited country map
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please just dont play with me

[31 Jan 2004|11:53am]
[ mood | geeky ]

create your own visited states map
or write about it on the open travel guide

please just dont play with me

[30 Jan 2004|10:24pm]
[ mood | bitchy...SORRY KATE ]

went to the liquid lounge tonight..it was pretty fun. the last band whoever they were , were really good. Katie said they played at the TLA before. there were these awesome animal plates there. and katie got people to sign it, then i saw this guy, that looked formilur, and i told her to have him sign it, and when we talked to him it was the guy who works at the bowling alley! he can do back flips. there was another guy with a rubix cube, katie said that earlier he had people scramble it up and he could solve it! ((me and amanda thinks he likes pete)) he was following him around. lol. yeh thats about it.


...kate..im really sorry for being a bitch earlier.. hope you forgive me : (

TeLL aLL mY fRiEnDs tHaT iM dEaD. . . iT wOnT bE lOnG BeFoRe yOu fOrgEt My NaMe. . .


1 paper heart please just dont play with me

[30 Jan 2004|07:01pm]
[ mood | clean ]

got out of the shower a while ago. blow dried my hair while listening to less than jake. then straightened my hair while listening to new found glory! i think im goin to the Gr mall tonight at 8, which means we'll only be there for a half hour. right now im listening to something corporate (( fall )) and i have it playing on kazaa a little ahead, then on music match a little behind, so it echos, which sounds incredible! im goin to do this with everyone song. wow now im doing it with story of the year (( until the day i die )) this one sounds even more incredible!
yay! im having fun! so yeh im gonna go finish getting ready

**wearing my m c s shirt tonight!**

UnTiL tHe DaY i DiE . . .</marquee>
I sPiLL mY hEaRt fOr yOu . . . <3

please just dont play with me

[30 Jan 2004|04:15pm]
[ mood | need to take a shower!!! ]

yeh..so its friday..and i think im goin to the mall tonight..which be fun, other then that i have no money. every time i go to the mall i end up buying something..but now i dont have any money, and i really wanted to buy the story of the year cd. a kid in my science class did his project on that, but i never expected he listed to them! i asked him if its a good cd, he said yeh. my science project was on a pack of gum hah. i should have done a cd also. i would have done like hello rockview. or something. right now im eating frozen cheese cake. yummm. although i dont know why its frozen, my dad just bought it, and they usually dont keep cheese cake in freezors? i dont know. yeh well i have to go take a shower ill update later!!


anyone want to go to the mall...leave some comments.

6 paper hearts please just dont play with me

[29 Jan 2004|04:07pm]
about time i got this to work
3 paper hearts please just dont play with me

[29 Jan 2004|04:05pm]
please just dont play with me

[29 Jan 2004|04:04pm]
please just dont play with me

[29 Jan 2004|04:02pm]
>marquee< la la la la la la la >/marquee
please just dont play with me

tech ed [29 Jan 2004|02:12pm]
[ mood | silly ]

yeh..so im in tech ed with kate...its quite boring...we had to just look up our house on satalite pictures!! whoopy dee do!, kate just put lethargic as her mood, although we have no clue what it is...we looked it up on www.dictionary.com cause we really have nothing else to do..this is what it means...

Pertaining to, affected with, or resembling, lethargy; morbidly drowsy; dull; heavy. --

lol. someones playing in the club. which kate has stuck in her head now, and wont stop singing it! kate has a fucking pencil made out of recycled dollar bills, who the fuck would recycle a dollar bill? we just found out..if you have a ripped dollar bill, you could bring it to the bank and then they would give you a new one....and then give the ripped one to the recycling place, and they would probably give them some extra money for it.
yeh. so now im gonna recycle my dollar bills.

at lunch today i found out that my birthday is in 12 days!! yay! i wanna either buy a digital camera, or a kitty with my birthday money...and kates birthday is in 26 days!!!! yay! kates making some ugly faces. she ate something, and it tasted nasty, but it wasnt anything she ate? hmmmm.

today was my last day of art... it was fun, i painted my nails with the paint, and then i colored on my hands with marker. but i got in trouble for that since it will "ruin the markers" thats bull shit...so then i got paper so i could draw on that. so i took stencils and wrote Hi You, and went to give it to him to hang it up. and he rejected it : (

well im gonna go...
leave me some comments!!!!

yuk..i licked my lips then whiped them on my hand, and i had orange marker on my hand, now my lips are orange.


7 paper hearts please just dont play with me

[28 Jan 2004|06:05pm]
[ mood | sleepy ]

yeh..well we had a two hour late start, which sucks, cause we should have had off, cause that was a whole shit load of snow. last night i couldnt get to sleep at all. i took at shower at 11:30, blow dryed my hair at 12, did my homework at watched tv till 1, then 1-1:30 listened to music, then finially fell asleep. the schedule at school was quite messed up today, we had 2 period then 3, then lunch, then 4th, the 1st. 4th period suck...i was chewing gum, and got a fucking gum sheet, but i decoraded it pretty. then after school i came home, shoved some pizza down my throat and went to physical therapy, which was MY LAST ONE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! thank god!!!!!! im soo happy!! yeh...so now im home, and i was supposed to go to youth group tonight. but kristen cant so im not.

last night i had some weird dreams.

one of them was that we were in gym class, and we went to like a grocery store and my gym teacher started singing the best of me, so me and my friend nina kinda just looked at eachother, like why the hell is he singing that, but then i ended up singing along lol.

then my other dream was that me and kate, pete, ej, and doug went to the movies but we didnt sit with them. and all the sudden kate got up and starting screaming at this 7th grader that was there, and was ilke you wanna fucking fight bitch. and then they just sat there giving eachother dirty looks. so i walked up to her and started cursing her off, then she punched me and ran away. lol.

yeh well im gonna go.


3 paper hearts please just dont play with me

[27 Jan 2004|10:13pm]
[ mood | lazy ]

yeh...so its snowing a lot right now, and im hoping we have off tomorrow. snow snow snow..im kinda of sick of it...and i think we already have a day taken from our spring break...dumb school board. yeh well today i watched dismissed, which i saw for like 2 minutes..and from those 2 min. he definitly chose the wrong girl..she was such a bitch...so at the end the girl threw spaghetti on him!! which kicked ass cause she should have won. then TRL came on. and i was really bored so i called..and they were gonna actually put me on..so yeh im on the phone for like 10 min...then they dont fucking put me on..but did you even know its not really live?...its off by a minute..lol! you could hear everything on the phone. and during the commercials they were recording the things when people shout out, and they were this guy from england..it was funny shit..he was like
i wanna shout out with all the sexy honeys...and i dont know what else to say.

lol they made him re-record it..he messed up again though. hah.

then taildaters came on..that was okay, the one girl was a bitch, the other couple was cute!! lol.

then i fell asleep. and i woke up by my mom turning on the light and i got mad, cause i woke her up and she was like i dont do that to you, so i was like..you say you dont wake me up..but you just did. but then i went back to sleep. and i had some weird dreams, one of them i forget what it was about, but i do remember, there was this door, and it was painted like a green, and then it was a pink on it..it was weird, but it had to be pretty important, cause my whole dream had to do with it, although i mostly forget what happened. yeh so then i woke up again to the real world..the one about the ship...they were just like yeh were on a something foot ship yada yada yada and i was look cool. then i watched that for a little, but then i came down here, and went on the computer..now im talking to pete and ej and doug.

so yeh.

i HoPe wE hAvE oFF!!!!


2 paper hearts please just dont play with me

[27 Jan 2004|02:55pm]
[ mood | hopeful ]

yeh..well we had school today, which sucked..hopefull we'll have off tomorrow! took a SS test today...i think i did terrible. science projects were due, did mine all sunday lol. no homework tonight! hopefully because theyre expecting to have off tomorrow!, but tomorrow i also have a phyiscal therapy, and doctors appointment. today i ran up to taylor to give her a hug and we both tripped..lol...then i went into art, and danielle pulled the chair from under me : ( it was funny though...later on i held onto her leg and she pulled me around, but the art teacher decided to my a fag..and be like..gloria do you want to go down to your moms room, cause i dont even have anything to say about this. i gave him the middle finger ((he didnt see, thank god!)) then it was time for tech ed. we had to find out how fast are cars went, in miles per hour...mine went 26 mph lol. then after that we were supposed to have "free time" so me and kate were gonna get on the computer and update... but NO! i had to finish my damn test for that class, and for a plus my partner wasnt her so i got to take it by myself and i got a 60%...o well we still have a high B...yeh well i gtg home
ill update later!


4 paper hearts please just dont play with me

[26 Jan 2004|05:47pm]
[ mood | pleased ]

yeh...well we had off today. i sat home and ate food. it was quite fun. i also changed my layout..hope you like it!



1 paper heart please just dont play with me

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